6th Annual Marshall Handmade Market
         Saturday November 22, 2014                 Marshall High Studios • Marshall, NC

Invitations to the 2014 Market have been sent. If you're an artist or craftsperson and want to
be considered as an alternate or for future Markets, please email four, professional-quality digital
images of your work to: 

Coming Soon: Exhibitor List 2014
Exhibitor list 2013:
Ardfield Farm • Zuma Coffee & Cookies • Bee Tree Farm
Angela Cunningham Studio 210, painting/drawing
Ann Hartline, painting
Sarah Westhues-Owen, fiber/dolls
Stephen Foehner, ceramics
Chandler Guess, stationary/prints
Lisa Mandle, clothing
Holly Fouts, paper
Margaret McGinnis, fiber, weaving
Emily Reason Studio 109, pottery
Terry Taylor, jewelry
Michael Hatch, glass
Brooke Methany, fiber- wallets, purses
Francesco Lombardo Studio 110, oil painting
Josie Mosser, calendars painting/drawing
Nita Ford, fiber, purses
Julie Merrill, jewelry/ metals, fiber
Kristen Munoz, glass
Katie Graham, ceramics
Jack Dalton, wood
Nancy Darrell, prints
Kristen Munoz, glass
Teresa Pietsch, ceramics
Katie Vie, River Island Apothecary, body products
Lisa Mandle, clothing
Rob Pulleyn Studio 105, ceramics
Jenell Wright, jewelry
 Becca Floyd, ceramics
Ron Gagliano, food
Betty Hurst, fiber
Daphne Cohan, fiber
SiriKarta Bluestone, screenprinting, clothing
Sarah Westhues-Owens, dolls
Patricia Earnest, knits
Cre Willis, fiber,felt
Victoria Baker, jewelry
Hollie West, food
Lisa Joerling, jewelry
Angela Kane, fiber
Stephanie Onel, jewelry
Leslie Stillwell, soap
Melissa Weiss, ceramics